How many shows does the Drama Club perform?

​Two each year.  A play in November,  and a musical in April.

​What kind of commitment does Drama Club require?

​We rehearse four days each week. (Though you may not be called to every rehearsal; it depends on your role.)  We make every

attempt to accommodate reasonable conflicts like doctor's appointments and vacations, as long as you tell us in advance on your

audition form.  But if you have regular weekly conflicts because you're involved in sports or other clubs, Drama Club probably

isn't for you.

​Is transportation available?

​Mostly.  Most rehearsals run until 3:45PM, and you can take the late bus home.  Two weeks prior to the show, we do stay later,

and your parents will have to pick you up.

​Can I be on the stage crew?

​Ummm, maybe.  This is not a regular part of our program, and is not something you can just sign up for.  But we usually need 3-4

kids to help, and sometimes more, depending on the show.  If you're interested in working behind the scenes, send us an email

from the "CONTACT US" page, and we'll let you know what's needed for our current production.